Multiple Brands

Sol Group is a specialist in wholesale trade of Mobile phones and is one of the leading reseller of international branded mobile phones in the world.

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Multiple Categories

In our endeavor to contain and restrict the widespread of the COVID-19, SOL group with its alliance under Lyftrack brand to introduce essential products, have compiled all necessary products being used to protect the humans in this special 'COVID - 19 Products Category'.

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Indian Spices & Consumer Electronics

SOL group's surge for innovation to build new verticals and diversify the business is the reason for SOL's successful collaboration with Bon Cuisine in the FMCG sector.

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Global Dealers in Mobile Phones

OEM Phones, Tablets and Accessories

SOL caters to a wide array of makes, models and specifications of Mobile Phones & Tablets, of the major brands globally. SOL procures all its stocks from brands, channel partners and reputable & trustworthy suppliers, who have gone through company and legal formality checks.

SOL Feature Phones

Due to the vast experience of the market, SOL identified the gaps ranging from specifications, models, quality, pricing etc., in Feature phones segment which no brand was as wide in range to cover the major demands.

SOL finalized the products to be sold under the SOL Brand & in the year 2018, starting with 4 models the brand was launched in Dubai, UK and Romania. 

EOL Phones​

SOL adds value to the Brands, OEM’s  Distributors / LFR chains by liquidating their Excess and End-Of-Life (EOL) inventory.

Refurbished / Used Phones

SOL provides used and refurbished devices in all cosmetic grades. A refurbished handset undergoes a stringent hardware and software quality check and is restored to its original working condition. The refurbished phone is as good as a newly bought handset with minimal signs of previous usage. 

Electronic Gadgets

SOL also provides electronic gadgets such as Watches, Power banks,   Headphones, etc. based on the customer’s requirement.

BRANDS That We Deal In

COVID-19: Essentials


  • Accurate Measurement
  • Latest Nano-Technology
  • Suitable for Unlimited Crowds
  • Battery Operated


  • KN 95
  • 3 PLY
  • Reusable

Protective Face Mask


Non Woven Fabric

Protective Face Mask


Melt Brown Fabric

Protective Face Mask

Universal Fit

Easy Ventilation


  • Accurate Measurement
  • Latest Nano-Technology
  • Suitable for Unlimited Crowds
  • Battery Operated


  • Fog Resistant
  • Splash Proof
  • Transparent & Comfortable


  • Full body protection
  • Breathability Increases Comfort
  • High Fluid Resistance
  • Strong Resistance To Tare
  • Available With or Without Taping


  • Superior strength
  • Fully anatomic design
  • Hand specific & curved fingers



Lavingo™ is an initiative to strive & connect with you and your daily requirements of Spices, Herbs, Phytonutrients and Food & Health Suppliments which can enhance the quality, taste and dietary value of food you prepare in your kitchen.
Sol Group is committed to bring a range of Pure, Organic and Safe products, rich in nutrition from the farmers and manufacturers across India through Lavingo. The product procured and packaged through the Good Manufacturing Practices and US-FDA Certified sources and ensures the best taste, quality, variety to meet your daily life requirements !!

Environment Friendly Products


Bio-Degradable Products

As a sagacious organisation, SOL group, in addition to providing its services, also understands its responsibility towards the society and environment. SOL not only strives for an eco-friendly environment but also ensures that there is minimal damage and pollution in the environment with our activities. For one, it is our policy to donate a certain amount of funds every year to organizations working towards making the world a better place.