Sol Group Intellectual Property Right Infringement Policy

The Procedure for Handling Claimed IPR Infringement 

1. General:

The website of Sol Group of Companies (URL: (known as the “Site”) is an online platform for companies and organizations to use the services concerning business-to- business e-commerce trades, as well as other services, provided via the Site for engaging in e- commerce trading business. We respect the intellectual property rights of others and expect the users of the Site to do the same. We contractually prohibit our users from using the service to provide products and/or services that infringe third party copyright, trademark, patent and/or any other intellectual property rights, and any such unauthorized use of other users’ or third parties’ materials is strictly prohibited on the Site.

2. IPR Infringement:

Takedown Notice from Right Holder: If a Right Holder of any IPR, or an exclusive licensee of the same, (“Right Holder”) believes that its right is being used by a user of the Site in a way that constitutes IPR infringement, it may provide Sol Group with a notice containing the follows pursuant to IPR Law:

  1. Contact information: the name, address, telephone number, fax number, email address, and other contact information of such Right Holder or its authorized agent;
  2. The name of the work of the IPR alleged to have been infringed;
  3. A statement requesting for the removing or disabling the access to the content infringing the IPR right;
  4. A description sufficient to permit Sol Group to identify the content claimed to be infringing and the URL of such content;
  5. A statement that it is believed by the Right Holder in good faith that the use of content claimed to be infringing is unauthorized or in violation of the IPR Laws; and
  6. A representation that the Right Holder consents to any and all liabilities which may be incurred under the applicable laws if any of the information contained in the Notice is untrue or inaccurate and therefore prejudice to others.

3. Procedure for Handling Claimed IPR Infringement:

  • Upon receipt of the Notice of takedown, Sol Group will remove or disable the access to the challenged content and/or information within an expeditious period of time, and will transfer the Notice to the user via e-mail provided by the user to Sol Group. We will notify the user of the action taken by us in response to the Notice and may provide the user with the contact information of the Right Holder and/or its agent so that the user may contact the Right Holder and/or its agent directly for responding.
  • In the event the information provided in the Notice is incomplete, we may request the Right Holder or its agent to provide the supplement information. Such request for supplement information will be issued by us in 5 working days from the receipt of the Notice via e- mail or other contact information provided by the Right Holder or its agent. The Right Holder or its agent shall provide Sol Group with the supplement information in 5 working days from the receipt of the request for supplement information. In the event no supplement information is provided to us or the supplement information provided is incomplete, it shall be deemed that no Notice is issued to us.
  • In the event a user involves infringement 3 times or more, we will terminate all or part of the services provided to such user via the Site.

4. Sol Group of Companies has no obligation to adjudicate IP Claim:

Claimants and users must understand that Sol Group is not a tribunal of disputes regarding intellectual property rights. While we may in our discretion use the information provided in order to decide how to respond to infringement claims, we are not responsible for determining the merits of such claims. By taking down a listing, Sol Group of Companies is not endorsing a claim of infringement. Similarly, in instances in which we decline to take down a listing, Sol Group does not determine that the listing is not infringing, nor is it endorsing the sale of the products in such cases. If a user responds to a claim of infringement by providing assurances that its content is not infringing, the user agrees that if the content is thereafter reinstated or maintained, the user will defend and hold Sol Group of Companies harmless from any resulting claims of infringement brought against Sol Group of Companies (including but not limited to court expenses and attorney fees).